Note to self: dream big, but act more.


Seeing the latest paparazzi picture of Steve Jobs on the Internet my mind immediately goes to the image of my brother couple years ago. It’s been three years since he passed away. On the last couple months of his life, he went from a big man to a skinny person only in three months. He was having the same cancer as Steve Job, but he didn’t survive very long, our family didn’t have much money to spend for all the ‘latest amazing medical treatment’ as Steve does. He’s been only live for four months after they found out the tumor.

My brother probably not one of those the-greatest-person-who-change-the-world. Although we never been very close (he’s 14 years older than me) but he was very important in my life. He’s the one who took me to elementary school on my first years, and picked me up after school. He’s the one who picked me up on the airport every time I’m back home. He’s also the one who drive me to hospital when I’m about to deliver my baby, and a couple months later the symptoms of the cancer started to give a sign.

I’ve heard him sometimes talking about what he wants in life, and I’m very sad knowing that he didn’t get the chance to make many of his dreams comes true.

You know, I heard saying that we should dream big for we have only one chance to be in this life. But I think whatever we dream, what we do is the most matter. Our dream will fade soon when our life taken, but what we do will remain, at least on people mind who’s been touch by us.

So’ I think I’ll just keep my dream book full of wishes, but I will act more, and off course to be grateful, because I know todays wont last forever.


Good news: Fasting month are going to end. I’ll be celebrating Iedul Fitri holiday next Tuesday.

Bad News: The novel that I planned to finish before Iedul Fitri keeps expanding. I don’t know how to end it. Actually I never know how to end all the novels I ever written. It’s just stop, I guess?

5 thoughts on “Note to self: dream big, but act more.

  1. Oh, Farah, I’m sorry about your brother. And although he has passed on 2 years ago, I’m sure something still hurts everytime you remember him. After all, he was the one who took care of you when you were a kid. This is so sad.

  2. hey, Farah ! looks like you have not been posting . T.T Although I have not posted for one month myself. Just too busy…..

    Anyway, be well. I hope you get to post again soon.

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