Rest in Peace

A friend passed away last week.

The first time I met him is on the fist day of Architecture Design Studio 1 (Studio Perancangan Arsitektur 1) class in UGM.  He was one of docent assistants. Tallest guy of them all with curly tousled hair. Mas Kelik.

(Architecture students were divided into few groups. Each group get one assistant for a week. Then get rotated to another asisstant the next week, so on untill the semester end. One assistant would grading at least 4 of our many sketches. If we get D or C we must redo them untill we get better mark. Three times is the average redrawing i’ve done for each assignment. Mostly I stop when i get r  B+. Or A- if i’m very lucky.) In that studio, some docent asisstant loves to give our sketches mean comments. But I always remember him as the  nice one who would say something encouraging. You must learn from every error you made then try and try again, untill you make it, he said once in that studio.

In life sometimes you came across people who seems destined to do great things.

Mas Kelik is one of those senior you would see his name plastered on the model displayed on the campus corridor and on the hall. When one of our docents had a project, he was the one who made the 3d animation model. Around my 4th semester, he taught 3d animation class in kasatmata studio in our campuss which I attend. I can’t say I was great in 3D modelling, but enough for me to get by at the time. 🙂

After graduated I met him randomly several times. Once while waiting in line for a film festival in Jakarta.

Long time ago we almost make short movie together. I was dating his classmate (now is my husband) We attend a meeting with a bunch of senior guys I barely even remember. He gave encouraging remarks about the script I wrote. It was a shame that the movie production meeting was the first and the last. LOL  (Several years later he finally made it into the movie scene. His studio kasatmata once work with Garin Nugroho. And the latest, he got piala citra as a visual effect artist for Wiro Sableng (212 Warrior) movie – by Angga Dwimas Sasongko, starring Vino G Bastian)

We met several times more. He and Ika his wife visit our house once. We paid visit to their house too. He and husband sometimes met in the car train MRT on the way to work. The last time I met him and the family was in a Periplus bookstore. I was browsing books with my children. He was carrying one of her daughter (3 years old then) while the other one walk in with his wife. He come up to me with his everpresent smiles. Said hi, and asked if I’m only with the baby because he’s not seen Ayiek my husband.  ”He’s still in optic to retrive his glasses.” I said.

When Ayiek came, we chat for a while. Ayiek and I already had plan to meet with bu Hera for lunch that day. If we were not, our family probably would lunch together. That is the last time I met him, two years ago. Nobody knows whats waiting in the horizon. (Who knew, a year and several months later, bu Hera’s husband would be the one doctor to treat his (not yet exist then) leukemia.

How i think now, that life is weird and unpredictable.

After almost a year doing treatment, he finally end his battle. Never without a fight.

I’m sending love to Ika and their two daughter. 

Smile (in bahasa Indonesia) is you named your first daughter. She will remind us the everpresent smile everytime we see you. Goodbye for now.  See you on the otherside. Rest in peace my friend.

One thought on “Rest in Peace

  1. So sorry to hear.

    “How i think now, that life is weird and unpredictable.”

    Very true. I’m making an effort these days to reconnect with people I haven’t talked to in a while. I just found out that a long-time (60 years) friend died last year, and it’s reminding me not to take it for granted that people will always be there.

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