Living the life you love

I feel a bit weird, a month ago I wrote about Steve Jobs disease. How it reminded me of my brother who had passed away for that pancreatic cancer and yesterday I heard Steve Jobs passed away? isad continue… 😦

But hey Steve Jobs has left the most beautiful speech that will always ignite my bones (whatever that means 🙂 )… How to live before you die…

On my old post I once write about how I want to learn playing music instrument, but my husband didn’t let me… Guess what? I bought a guitar when he still on mountains expedition… He sometimes overprotective… you know typical asian husband 🙂   but I got to follow my heart because I love music so much… And I got to entertain my self while he’s away, which is often. X_X

My hubby worked on this current Ring of Fire expedition, which means he will be near volcanoes a lot. And whenever he’s not hiking, he will home, buried by a pile of books about volcanoes, culture, environment and everything relate to it. I’m fine with it, because this was one of his dream, and now he living it.

(Btw,  you can download KOMPAS Ring of  Fire Expedition application on IPAD. It’s written in two language Indonesia and English)

When he leaves for hiking, it means more space for me to write, read and piling my own books. ^_^ And now I add taught-my-self-how-to-play-guitar on my list. My finger tips kinda sore now. It’s weird because I didn’t feel pain at all when I play it, the pain always comes after. But it will never stop me. You know why, because I LOVE it ^_^

Highlight of my life in the past month.

I went home for celebrating Eidul Fitri. (It’s moslem holiday for you who don’t know). It was fine, if only all family celebrating on the same day instead half of the family celebrating on Tuesday as the world was, and the other half followed the announcement by Indonesian government who said Idul Fitri were on Wednesday. And all these things happened because different method on counting lunar calendar, traditional vs modern. I can’t believe on this Ipad blackberry age, things like this still happened. I don’t mean to be ignorant with this issue, but I really enjoy the food. That’s the point of celebrating holiday right? No? Okay!

And oh, It’s really nice meeting this couple.

Cindy (is my niece – she’s only 6 yrs younger than me btw) and Adam Rinaldi  lived in PerthAustralia. They home for celebrating their first Eidul Fitri in Banjarmasin. (The pict taken on their wedding day last year 🙂 Wearing Indonesian National Dress : Kebaya)

Speaking of piling books. These are some books I read right now.

Yeah, American God (Neil Gaiman) still there… I’m half way through

Jumpa Lahiri, oh I LOVE her book. Unaccustomed Earth still one chapter left

Everything is Iluminated (Jonathan Safran Foer) I just roughly scanned first chapter. The cover still shining, yeah it’s new 🙂

Fragile Things Neil Gaiman’s short story collection, I bought it on airport three weeks ago, and just finished three stories.

Herr Der Diebe (Cornelia Funke), translated from Germany into Indonesian as Prince of Thieves. It’s children book. Cute story and set on Venice. I don’t know why somehow this book reminds me of Benedict Society which also children book. The story was very different though. Reading status: 75%

Btw, I just realize few things has change on WordPress. When did all these things happen? Still figure out how this new things worked, and where the hell my subscription list gone?

Well while I figure this things out enjoy this random quote from Steve Jobs

Source :

Have a good day y’all !!!

6 thoughts on “Living the life you love

  1. That is a good message.

    I’m not sure why your husband doesn’t want you to play the guitar. If he’s being overprotective, what is he protecting you from?

    By the way, the pain in your fingertips goes away as your callouses develop. Just keep at it. 🙂

  2. @Anthony: My hubby, he just thinking forward too far sometimes… which i don’t understand either 🙂
    But he know already… and he just laugh and tease me when he found out
    My fingertips doesn’t hurt anymore, now if only i could lengthen my finger for some chord

  3. I have the book ” Everything is Illuminated”. But, I just can’t find the time to read it, Farah. You’ve been reading my blog…. I’m so busy, with work and school, you know that. aaaaargh !

  4. @ Alexis : He wasn’t edge-of-your-seat kind of speaker, but i guess it’s part of his ‘simplicity’ thinking/style, the one that made apple and Pixar great.

  5. @ Renxkyoko : Girl, now i’m impressed! I thought you only interesting on graphic, manga, comic, kind of book! ^_~ And of course school text book ( as you are a straight A student… ) 🙂

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