Pray for Love

differencesI was googled something and came across this one blog. After I got the information I needed,  my eyes stumble across her other post.

Her friend is gay and is in a relationship with another male. He spoke to her that he love a person not a gender and apparently the person he love is a male… bla-bla-bla…

For she love her friend, she’s will never judge him she wrote. She isn’t God. She wont preach, because they are adult enough to know what he did is sin. And deep inside she prays that one day his friend would be able to love a woman and get married.

Suddenly, I remember back to when I was in high school (no it’s not about a friend who is gay :P)

One day when I had extra math tutorial with my math teacher. During the break my math teacher spoke about my friend. “Your best friend Christine is very pretty. Too bad girl that pretty is Christian.”  With we-are-the-best-moslem-but-your-best-friend-is-christian- pity look. And then she told me that deep inside she prays that my best friend Christine would convert to Islam one day.

I didn’t say anything, even though I know that what she thought was wrong.

(No I didn’t try to correct her with the fact that Christine was actually moslem and only half of her family was Christian… I just… I didn’t understand with her simple wish. The conversation felt like an error to me.)

What about being different? Why some people still think different is bad? Why different is a sin? Why different is pity? Why can’t different be just different? (And why don’t we just use them as a trigger for us to know and understand other more?)

Honestly for me, different is not lesser. (Hopefully this is not because I was raised in a somewhat chaotic-non-standardized-family for I can’t ever look, follow or be in just one thing.)

For I believe in the power of praying. Rather than praying for converting ‘the others’ to become ‘one of ours’ can we pray for love and for peace despite all the differences instead?

love, laugh, and grow.

4 thoughts on “Pray for Love

  1. I saw an ad once for a play called (something like) “I love you, you’re perfect, now change.” It’s a pretty common approach to others. You’re really good, but you’d be better if you were _____ (Christian, Moslem, straight, male, white, etc.).

    The alternative is to see it as a really positive thing in the world that people are all different — not just a regrettable fact that we have to adjust to.

  2. Hi anthony! I think i was a little bit overwhelmed when i wrote this post. These past couple months Indonesian citizen were heated about presidential election. And everytime i read news the headline was all about war every corner of the world.

    Rethinking about what i wrote above, I guess praying for good thing is at least better than throwing heinous words about others and make war.

  3. Aaaakkk… Setuju banget! Up until now, I still don’t get it, why some people just can’t…embrace the fact that there are differences in this world?

  4. @utami hehe mungkin. 1. Mereka kurang baca buku, sehingga pikiran gak terbuka 🙂 … 2. Kurang gaul dgn org dr kalangan yg berbeda dgn mereka. … 3. Takut berbeda dgn apa yg sudah terprogram di kepala mereka (doktrin) … Seolah kebenaran sudah selesai. 4. Misteri :))

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