About The Author

Farah Hidayati was born in Banjarmasin, south Borneo, Indonesia. She has many older siblings. (It makes her always felt like having 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th parent.)

She loves singing since very young. ‘Kulihat Awan’ ( I see cloud) is one of the first songs she know.  Music was the reason she waited rerun of Shirley Temple musical movies every week on television. She also co-raised by television. Beverly Hills 90210 & MacGyver amongs  her favorite when she was in elementary school.

When she was young she always thought she was going to be a singer. Alas she only sings in a school band until she was in senior high school.

Farah received undergraduate degree in Architecture from Gadjah Mada University, Jogjakarta. Right after graduated she worked in an urban architecture company, in Jakarta, then in a French NGO doing Tsunami Reconstruction in Banda Aceh. She is now fulltime freelancer.

While she was working her day job in an architecture company, after work she attend creative writing class with scholarship from Agromedia Group and Jakarta School.

Seven months after finishing creative writing class, she won National Youth Literature Competition ( held by Grasindo and Ranesi) and published her debut novel Rumah Tumbuh in December 2005. This novel received Adikarya Ikapi award for second best teen novel in 2006, in the same year she also published Alexandra. Her third novel Loversus published in 2010. Konstelasi Rindu, Jejak Hati and Eksistensi Rasa are her latest novel.

She currently working on newest project, while occasionally perch on the coach discussing about black hole, white hole, and universe with her son (with her writer & journalist husband) after they watch Discovery Channel.

Her motto is: Life’s Good. And ALWAYS be grateful.


4 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. hai Farah…long time no chat, lose your contact too, still writing I see.
    By chance dragged into your wp, while I was visiting my own extremely old wp 🙂
    CurrentIy I’m drowning into my work as civil engineer, do not have time (do not want) to write and improve any reading material (what a shame).
    I still hope you would put my character into one of your new novel or short story hahaha

    (but, do you still memorize me?? I’m acting like very familiar to you hihihi)


  2. Hahaha, Echa i miss you!
    Let see maybe i would put your name in my next writing 🙂

    Ah we should have met, I just back from Banjarmasin a week ago. Why you just write me now?

    Next time maybe?

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