Just the thing i love

Have you ever read or watch something. It cracks your heart open. And you want to keep it for your self. You want to protect it. And you’re so sure no one can appreciate it and love it as much as you do?

Well this video did that to me. I watched this a while ago.

It reminded me so many little things that i love and enjoy to see when i was living in Japan. And it also hit the creator soul inside of me.

This video is about Hayao Miyazaki when he made his last movie. The Wind Rises.

I was living in Kawasaki July 2013. And EVERY TIME i passed a mobile phone store in Bremen Strasse, I heard this theme song.

(And it’s plenty of time. Since we were living 50 meters walk from Bremen Strasse) And when we went to a mall there were posters of the movie.

The Wind Rises Poster, at Roponggi Hills Tokyo (Summer 2013)
The Wind Rises Poster, at Roponggi Hills Tokyo (Summer 2013)

We didn’t see the movie while we were there. But around March 2014 we went to see it in Blitz GI theater Jakarta, Indonesia. With Indonesian subtitle 🙂

I have only watch probably 5 or 6 of Miyazaki movies. First one was Spirited Away. I watch Totoro in 2013, when my friend Kei lent us the DVD. Even though its in Japanese language, my son watched it over and over, almost every day, until we bought the english version, so he stop abusing Kei’s DVD.

Still bitter we haven’t got the chance to visit the museum while we were there.  (Last time we visiting Japan in March 2015. The tickets are sold out until end of April 2015. 😦 ) Maybe Next Time.

Ghibli Museum. On to bucket list. 🙂


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