Writer Friends

I wont write book review or something here, there are other people who will do that. I just want to tell you the story how I met the writer of these stack of books below.

Shita Hapsari & Randu both are my friend, from different chunk of time 🙂

I’ve been known Shita for more than ten years. We went to the same architecture school together, in Jogjakarta.

I remember the first conversation I had with Shita.

It was one of my fist weeks of school. I sat at the parapet, waiting for a class. Book in my hand. A fiction.

Shita who sat not far from me asked, “What book is it?”

I look at my hand, “Oh this? It’s Harry Potter.”

“What is it about?” She asked more.

It was the first Harry Potter book, Philosopher’s Stone. Not so many person read or know the book yet.

I looked at her. I didn’t know how to explain.

“Do you know Malory Towers series?” I asked.

Her eyes lit. And she said, “Yes! I read Malory Towers in elementary school!”

I smiled. Her answer makes my explanation easier.

“Well, it’s like Malory Towers for Wizard!” I said.

Fast Forward to now.

She is one of very few person I know obsessed with harry Potter and JK.Rowling. 🙂

On her blog she once said, I was sort of her writing mentor. On which I think a little bit exaggerated. (Yes we did been struggled together, writing stuff for Montase (short story collection) which ended self published. And we feel we grow so much as writer sinced. But…) Rather than writing mentor, I will happily mentioned as a person who introduced her to JK.Rowling’s and her obsession to Harry Potter heheh…  😉

She wrote this two book: Sequence (Bentang) & Dangerously Perfect (Gagasmedia)

Shita’s book

I met Randu, nine years after I met Shita for the first time.

He had published one book, and I published two books. We were invited as speakers for a Writing Seminar for teacher in Banjarmasin (South Borneo).

Although we never went to the same school or worked at the same place together but we maintain a very good communication through email and social media. We met several times after, mostly talking about writing and books, our shared interest.

He wrote a lot of books, but the two in the picture are the latest published: Galuh Hati (Mokamedia) & Liberty (Muara-KPG)

Randu’s book

4 thoughts on “Writer Friends

  1. Hi, Farah. I almost didn’t get to read this post… ” Ooops, page not found” I clicked on your gravatar, and luckily, I got here.

    My first books were children’s books, but at 10 or 11, I started reading Harry Potter. Harry Potter was the thing that greatly influenced me. I think it’s true for almost all children that read JK Rowling.

  2. What a sweet thing to say Fa! I’m embarassed to say that I don’t remember our small talk you wrote here. ='( But wasn’t it legendary? Haha! Thank you for recalling it for the sake of this blog post, and for my amusement. =D

    And about the mentor thing… Since I’ve never had a proper writing training or course, suffice to say that I got that from you while we’re writing together. Hence, mentor..heehee.

  3. Hello, Ren.
    Well I’m a “little bit” older than you when i first read Harry Potter 🙂 But yes even though i wasn’t children anymore then, but i agree it has a great influence to the reader.

  4. Shita, I’ve been meaning to write about it for sometimes. Isn’t it funny what brain choose to keep and what’s not? Mystery of the mind.. heheh…

    Okay, fine. Mentor 🙂

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