First Time Grapevines

Last saturday, we went to Yamanashi Perfecture.  It’s about 2 hours by train from where we lives.

Growing grapevines welcomed us at the Yamanashishi station. Excuse me when I sound twelve now, but i was so excited because this is the first time I saw grapevines.(and I’m Indonesian, we plant mango rambutan, and guava trees on our garden!)

There were some pergolas at the station with growing grape plant. And I spend quite a while sitting on the bench under pergolas just staring them. 🙂

Grapevines pergolas at the Yamanashishi train station

Funny story, when I was in elementary school (about 10 or 11) I wrote fiction about spending holiday in my grandmother’s who live near grape farm. I think it was more beautiful in my imagination. ^_^ (or perhaps differently beautiful than reality).

About this, I remember I read somewhere Gaiman wrote Sandmand before he went to America. And few years later he realized America he imagined is different from America he finally lived. (I think this is why he then started to write American God) I read that some other writers too never been to the place they wrote in their novel, and can write them beautifully.  (I don’t know if they can write accurately, but is it important in fiction?)

Back to the station, after sitting under the grapevines for a while and doesn’t want to leave, I checked bus schedule at tourist information centre (all brochures written in Kanji, sigh!) I realize we just missed the bus to fruit park. We have to wait another two-hour for the next bus. We can’t wait two hours. We already came  late, because we’re out of the house by 10, due to household chores and at that moment it was already mid day.

We have option to just  hike for 30 minutes. But learning from experience when we went to Nikko Shrine Heritage Site (I should blog about this one too) my son didn’t like it that he must walked the stone stairs to reach the top shrine at the compound. Not blame him though. I saw some adult lost their breath and need rest too on some spot on the stair. I was exhausted too but mostly for piggybacking my son. So finally we decided to go by taxi for 1400¥ (It’s only 100¥ /10rb rupiah / 1$ US by bus. Sigh! Bye, bye, money)

The view was pretty. We went to the museum, and let my son playing at the park for a while. Grapevines, peach & apple trees everywhere, but the fruit wasn’t for picking. They have another package tour for that. from hill

After like an hour or two we decide to walk down to the station. My son rather cooperative with the walks this time, since my husband gave him task to pick some wild grass while we walk. And the view was amazing, the best part of our trip. Everywhere were grape farm, there were apples and peaches too, but mostly grapes. They actually have winery too, where tourist can taste wine, and picking grapes, but we have no time left for that plus we don’t drink alcohol.

Grapevines behind the sidewalk
Grapevines behind the sidewalk
Small grape farm in front of a house near train station
Small grape farm in front of a house near train station

This place is famous for their Kyoho grape. We buy some at the stall at the park. But when we walk down the hill there’s this lady at the sidewalk standing in front of a grape farm offer us her grapes. And i have to say this is also the very first time i eat this kind of grapes.

Kyoho grape vs King Dela grape. And the Kyoho one shown here is alot smaller than the lady gave us.
Kyoho grape vs King Dela grape. And the Kyoho one shown here is a lot smaller than the lady gave us.

There’s some kind of burning sensation when I bite the sweet juicy flesh. I don’t know what’s in there, but it was delicious. Finally bought some more from this lady. And we’re little shocked because the price is a lot cheaper. Plus this lady gave us some bonus. Sigh if only we knew. So whoever you are, when visiting  Yamanashi for the first time, find this lady, buy grapes from her. She’s awesome!



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