Hello my neglected wordpress blog!

No I didn’t really mean to neglect you. I was just having a lot of stuff to do. ( write & edit & (I kind of short) blogging on other blog (sorry))

Well, you know what, this probably my last blog.

Yeah… I mean last blog written here. At the same place. Started next month I’ll probably blogging form another place. I can’t tell you where yet. I’ll give you a hint next month.

So, I have written another novel this year: Diamond (the title hasn’t fixed yet) My lovely editor suggests me to take two weeks hiatus, before I start working on it again. And here I am trying to chill 🙂

I actually have another novel that I had promise my (other) editor this year, but I just really need this cooling time, because I haven’t really taking a break since last year.

Apparently this supposed to be cooling time is not really cooling time either, because of our ‘moving plan’. I need to prepare some stuff, and my boy’s leave from his newly enrolled school, and doctor appointments and paper works, and I can’t even remember what else without reading my to do lists.

This week highlight:

-My little boy,  giving his first TED talk on TEDxUlt ima stage last Saturday…

kia, the youngest speaker at  TED Talk :)
kia, the youngest speaker at TED Talk 🙂

-No. 🙂   Actually it’s my ‘other boy’ Aik, talking about his disaster journalistic experience and ring of fire expedition

Aik with mas Ninok, Mira Lesmana, Riri Riza, Adie Ms, Ibu Kembar, etc.
Aik with mas Ninok, Mira Lesmana, Riri Riza, Adie Ms, Ibu Kembar, etc.

-I just read a short story (published on JP newspaper) from my favorite writer LC on my writing teacher blog. I haven’t read this good of a story in a while. I’m not really into politic issues actually, but this one just makes you questions things. (Sorry for my non-indonesian blog budies. It’s written in Bahasa Indonesia 😉 )

-Fave things I found on tumblr


Well, see you next WordPressers!


6 thoughts on “Chilling

  1. Shita hapsari, waht are you talking about? I am waay more exciting on your coming up novel. I feel like we grew up together as a writer haha… Remember those times?… Ah i need to say more things.. i’m going to send you email in a couple minutes.

  2. Hey, if you’re going to be blogging somewhere else (in English), definitely post something here with the details.

    And, yes, it’s important to make something every day. I’m keeping that in mind these days, though I’m very busy with some non-writing things right now.

  3. Ah, i’m sorry i think i need to rephrase everything i wrote. No i’m not planning to leave this blog. Me & family planning to stay abroad until next year… So starting next month i’m going to write from there 🙂

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