Story that saves future

Bravery (Source : Little Monsters)
Bravery (Source : Little Monsters)

Warning: Whatever I write below, it’s under hormones during my period.

Add: I just finish Catcher in the Rye by JD. Salinger

Add: I just read a series of news about an 11 years old girl died after being raped several times by his own father, when her mother on tumour treatment at the hospital. Do you know how many years the father sentenced if he is proven guilty? 15 years. (I hate reading newspaper sometimes, this kind of news makes me blue)

This probably the third time I blog about sexual violence. Remember that elementary school girl who had to marry a boy who raped her, at the back of my in-law house? … And the news in Pakistan about a girl who committed suicide because she was forced to lived with the man who raped her?

I feel like ranting about how broken our society, I might sound like Holden Caufield on Catcher in the Rye, but the world like this makes me mad.

Do we need new utopian world to live? District 13? (Hunger Games) Or The Community? (The Giver)


We are all once children. What makes us good person as we are now? What makes us brave enough to live despite the broken family, broken society, broken world?

I don’t know what saved you, from becoming demonic adult. But good story saved me. To Quote JD Salinger in the voice of Holden Caufield, “What knocks me out is a book that, when you’re all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you feel like it.”

Although John Green Said, It’s was a mistake when Holden thought the story is about the author, the story is about the text.

Yes it is the text that makes him feel not alone, and having someone out there who just like him, who would understand him.

But the most important things is we do realize, a story, texts, has the power to makes you believe there’s something good out there. Giving you reason to extend your life, to be brave enough to keep living, and maybe going places where you can fit in and do good things.

I once read one research about stories, based on that research story about heroic adventure is the most selling stories in history. I can understand this now.

Many of us still need to believe there’s something good out there. Despite all the limitations, many people want to be Harry Potter and Katniss of their life.

Our childrens & women need more access to stories about bravery.  Stories that give them strength, and brave enough tell no to a father who wants hurt them.

They need to know they can be a hero for their life. Stories that saves our future.


3 thoughts on “Story that saves future

  1. I always think about that when writing girl characters. I do think it matters. (I was just on another blog debating Princess Leia vs. Eowyn as role models 🙂 )

    Have you seen Moonrise Kingdom? One of the many things it’s about is a 12-year-old girl who is very influenced by the books she reads. I wrote about that here:

    On the other hand, I just saw Django Unchained, and about the only thing that disappointed me was how passive the main female character was. There didn’t seem to be a reason, from the point of view of a good story, that it had to be that way.

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