Your mind is a Magnet, and mine attracts Cassadee Pope

I was about to post a blog about how I need to do some correction to my old post about how I care so much about TV and even want to blog more about TV.  Apparently I don’t really have too much time to watch TV. I missed a lot of my favorite TV show, and having no time (yet) to catch up either.

Well it’s before I unintentionally seen The Voice season 3 marathon. (They aired in Indonesia the same week as US. US on Monday, and we watch it here on Sunday.)

I actually never care so much about talent or reality show, I just occasionally catching up on You Tube when there’s some buzz over a show. Like who’s Susan Boyle or something.

So I just happen to be in front of TV set when my son randomly turning the channel. And there’s Cassadee Pope singing Torn on The Voice.

I sort of freak out, because that Cassadee Pope is like embodied one character that I wrote in my novel. (In case you didn’t know, I do write novel. Hopefully to be published in 2013).  I once even wrote a scene where this character sings Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn, although it didn’t make the final cut. But she just everything I thought about this character.

I don’t know maybe I was just thinking about my character too much, so seeing random girl singing just felt like her. But then I follow her story on the Voice, she had father Issue. I’m like, really universe? Really? My character also has father issue. Not to mention she loves Avril Lavigne and those colorful hair pieces she had on stage. What these all mean?

Okay, simply, I’m just thinking about a character too much…  But, it’s just proved something to me. If you’re thinking something too much, it will come right to your face. (You know as The Secret book said and all other similar book) So there you are.

Life Lesson: Watch your mind!

Unintentionally, I’m rooting for her in this competition, as I am care for the character in my book.

Look how stunning Cassadee Pope here.

(Love letter to Cassadee Pope:  Stop using too much drama. Tell a story through your singing, not the back story. You are great. Thank you!)

End note:

1. I actually know her band’s song before, Candles. It was covered by Kurt and Blaine on Glee.

2. I thought, if this Cassadee Pope sing Iris, (the song my character obsessed on) I probably dead, and haunted her… Apparently he didn’t, thank God. But the week I started following The Voice update, Bryan Keith singing Iris. So she’s saved. I’m not dead. I won’t haunted her.

3. I tried not to think about anything, when she said the most played song on her Ipod is I’m With You by Avril lavigne. No. I refuse to be more deep connected. I erased all my memories about knowing anything about this song, or cried over this song. Just stop. Please.


4 thoughts on “Your mind is a Magnet, and mine attracts Cassadee Pope

  1. That’s intense. I saw a woman on the subway once who looked just like one of my characters, but she didn’t do things that my character did. (Which is just as well, since that character has a tendency to kill people. 🙂 )

  2. I agree. I am author myself, most of the time I can see what’s someone character or skit is the moment they’re on stage or inside a book that’s I am reading before they even begin. I have mulitple characters that act upon many different things, whereas some of they display very much similiarites to reality shows, until I have to rewrite them or do away with them. Most of the time, you have to reconsider some of their movement and just redo a plot, because you dont want your character to be a copy of someone in reality too much. Again, I see many people act as my characters inside my book, but some of them are highly intense or relax due to their personalities in real life. I do hope to read your book in the near future. Adrian Jevon Murphy, the author of Adrian & Jade In Queen Lara Vega’s Secret Roses Volume One.

  3. @adrianandjade Thanks, for stopping by. I probably a little hyperbolic when i wrote my post there, but i worried nothings whether my story feels similar to reality, vice versa.

    Actually almost no story hasn’t been told before. So for me now, it’s about how you rewrite a story, your voice, your signature in a story.

    Good luck with your book. Is it fantasy genre?

    I’m working mine with my editor now. But you probably won’t read it, since it’s in Indonesian Language. But i don’t know maybe in the next 3 years i’ll published my works in English. Hopefully 🙂

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