Reading Depression’

In the week I read Katzenjammer (Stefani Hid), I just finished The Perks of Being Wallflower (Stephen Chbosky), and as if my head is not full of sick people yet, I just happen to pass by in front of television when HBO airing It’s Kind Of Funny Story – a movie about a kid who contemplating suicide, ended in a psychiatric ward in a hospital with all crazy people.

Here’s the short review.

The Perks of  Being Wallflower

When I read a couple first pages, I thought it was boring. But slowly I fall in love with the character, Charlie. He’s boring because he’s lonely. His best friend had killed himself. And that moment I just want to be Charlie’s friend. I was worried when he finally befriend with Patrick and Sam. I’m not a big fan of all the drug, smoke, sex and alcohol on these teens life. But I’m rooting for them. I love their relationship, being each other friend.

(Now I can’t wait to see the movie)


It’s written in Indonesian, the setting both In German and Indonesia. About two characters whose life is all the life you don’t want to have. Hening, is a germany, an alcoholic slash pathetic homeless writer. He’s hoping to die sometimes in his sleep, before he finally met Aya, an Indonesian woman. Aya can’t be more worst girl for him to fall in love with. She just killed her boyfriend when they met, and keep the body in a refrigerator  in her house. They connected, not by sex, but by the love for books and writing. Yeah.

It’s Kind Of  Funny Story.

This movie is not that great. But, almost all the stars I gave it’s for the cute art and graphic, also for the tears on a couple last scene when Craig’s Egyptian roommate finally come out from his bedroom and dancing.

(Now I want to read the novel this movie based on)


  • The Perks of Being Wallflower (4/5)
  • Katzenjammer (3/5)
  • It’s Kind of Funny Story (3.5/5)

 ( ‘depression: 4. Psychology A psychiatric disorder characterized by an inability to concentrate, insomnia, loss of appetite, anhedonia, feelings of extreme sadness, guilt, helplessness and hopelessness, and thoughts of death. Also called clinical depression. (source: X) )


3 thoughts on “Reading Depression’

  1. Eh eh.. Speaking of depression, aku baru aja baca The Silver Linings Playbook. Tentang orang2 depresi juga. Not that I wanted to read about depression, tapi karena pengen baca bukunya sebelum nonton filmnya. Dan karena denger2 itu debut novel penulisnya (dan difilmkan hollywood?). Not bad. Plot buku dan film beda ternyata, which was interesting.

    Ehh… Aku baru tau kamu nerjemahin John Green. Uwow… Itu blog lain ya? Aku lagi cari bukunya (sementara baru sampling gratisan di nook, hehe). Di toko Barnes&Noble dia dapet satu rak sendiri sebagai recommended reading. Dan di perpustakaan laris manis (hence my tweet). Sepertinya mau beli saja ah.. Worth it, yes? =)

  2. If you only read one book in a year, read TFIOS! (it’s that good- eh ini menurut emak2 yang hobinya baca genre itu ya haha) Aku menikmati buku2 JGreen yang lain juga sih, beberapa dapet penghargaan-aku lupa yg mana aja…

    As you know aku suka iseng nerjemahin bab pertama novel favoritku, (Jumpa lahiri, Neil gaiman, etc..) dan itu John Green aku taroh situ krn ada temenku minta. Blog khusus review, gabungan dari blog MP (kan mau ditutup) dan Goodreads ( range tahunnya lumayan lama hehe.. )

    Aku masukin whishlist Silver Lining Playbook, tapi oh aku punya setumpuk buku yang belum dibaca 😦

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