Alexis comment inspires me to write this post. (She said, “I care about your culture, however not what you ate for breakfast. 😉 No offense. Unless of course it was a cultural dish.”)

No offense too Alexis, but I really want to post my breakfast today 🙂

Rice custard + steamed kapok banana + coconut sugar sprinkles (that already melted on the picture, because the custard and banana still very hot)
rice custard ( Bubur sum-sum? + pisang kepok rebus + gula kelapa)

For anyone who live different life than me (Indonesian, Ethnic: Banjar, Currently live in Jakarta, Religion: Moslem, Gender: woman,),tell me my breakfast doesn’t screams culture?

I’m not even yet told you it’s for my p.m break fast, not a.m breakfast?

(Normally you called meal after sunset as dinner. But here’s my cultural situation (or religion?), today is one of 30 days Ramadhan month, we’re fasting during the light hour day, no eat, no drink, (from sunrise to sunset). Also, we usually have predawn meal-which I accidentally skipped this past week because my two alarm clock failed to wake me up before dawn. )

In my opinion culture is how people live their life. And just because you’re American, ate scramble egg or pancake for breakfast, doesn’t mean it can’t be seen as culture, it probably called American culture, for someone who had yellow rice with spicy chicken for breakfast 😉

I just want to say everything someone did in their life screamed culture, even as simple as breakfast 😉

(Okay except they had breakfast in hotel, somewhere far from their home city or home country)

So what’s your breakfast today?


One thought on “Breakfast

  1. Oh, that’s culture definitely. For us Americans, we have toast, maybe coffee, and cereals / milk for breakfast, but we’re also from the Philippines, so on weekends sometimes we have fried rice / sunny side up/ corned beef or Philippine style sausage for breakfast. As for me who
    s always in a hurry to go to school, I have peanut butter sandwich, *_*

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