a mother who writes & loves coffee

Wow, hello neglected blog!

So what’s happen with my life lately… let’s see.

  • Dealing with my 5 y.o son who always made up things so he can skip learning reading & writing.
  • Editing my novel to the point where I thought ‘can I get killed by EDITING?’  Now, if you think writing 200++ pages novel, IS hard. Try edits it with thousand lists from your ‘editor notes’ that’s hard!
  • I’m a parent committee member in my son’s school. I skip many meeting but let them use me as a handy person: photographer, graphic designer, filmmaker whatever so I am still useful although I skip meeting a lot. (I’m a kind of can-we-skip-the-talking-and-just-action-please? person. Especially for things I’m not really into )
  • In between I learn guitar, sang Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway and annoy my husband when he’s home.
  • Oh, we paint our room blue. We’re not DIY kinda person actually, but now we know why most people choose to just hire a painter.
  • Last book I read: John Green’s – The Fault in Our Star, made me cry hundred times. It’s horrible! I mean the effect. I’ve never cried that ugly for a book. It’s probably the second or third book about cancer I read. (Other books are The Ways to Live Forever – by Sally Nicholls and Kira-Kira – by Cynthia Kadohata. I read a lot children and young adult books. I read everything).
  • I planned to read ‘Kuasa Ramalan’, a historic/biographic book about Prince Diponegoro (a national hero of Indonesia), but since I’m editing a popular kind of novel right now, just worried the style of the book I read will affect the style of my writing.
  • I saw too much glee spoiler on the net today. I haven’t watched the episode and I already know the whole story.
  • I miss vacation
  • Gayo Coffee Arabica Organic is delicious.
  • Okay I should stop now before I write EVERYTHING here

One thought on “a mother who writes & loves coffee

  1. Hello Farah ! It’s been a while, huh … Like you, I have somehwat neglected my blog. I feel so guilty.

    Well, I hope you can update more often. I’m eager to know what you’ve been doing these days. Cheers !

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