Self transcendence

Few days ago I watched this TED video 

, about men hunger for transcendental experience. Many people consider them self as a spiritual person even agnostic people or them whose not attached to a label of a religious person.

People found their spiritual moment through many ways, climb mountain, smoke weed, dancing in circle, even at war. For people in the battlefield, having common enemy and fight them together considered as spiritual experience.

Religion probably is the heart of culture and the oldest spiritual organisation that has bound people together, shares common desire of God and also common enemy to fight.

Here’s my (probably too early) conclusion:

Where there is love there is a war. It’s life. It’s a game of life.

Like Yin & Yang complement each other.

And we’re just humans.

Just be in the game. Choose what you believe. Play it your best.

… sigh …

… Sorry for not so happy brightly post lately… I’m just thinking too much sometimes …




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