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culture perspective

I just read this yahoo news headline, about a 16 years old girl who committed suicide after she’s forced to marry a man who raped her.

All bad words pop up in my head but it came out nothing.

I am speechless…

Yes I am speechless as I was when three years ago I was only hundreds meters away from marriage venue of a rapist (a very poor high school boy) and a child (who just graduated elementary school) somewhere in central java. (I’ve sort of blog about it here)

I was so disturbed and (still am) for being sane yet do nothing and let that happen.

No lie, after came home from that trip, I wrote a story  where I get the child escaped from that marriage… you know to make me feel better. But that marriage still happened… And it still disturbs me.

Truth is, most people only know how to think what is right. Judge what is wrong. Yet do nothing to make a change. And I am one of those. And I feel really bad for it.

And I kind of shame to admit but to avoid having useless feeling like this, I often try not to read newspaper or any news website. Is this what they called ignorant? Maybe some people would think this is ignorant. But I’m just trying to be positive, to be focused on every good thing. For I believe everything good will inspire  good things too.

I am still sad with the girl who forced to choose one way, and find escape on suicide. But let’s hope her death will soon trigger a real change in any culture, any society, any human being who still let this things happen.

No matter how strong one culture is, it’s a human-made. Yes a culture is a human-made.

And us, human, can change it.

Rest in peace girl!


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