This Time Last Year

1# I didn’t drive.

I started learning to drive ten years ago. But it didn’t work (With a tons of reason) February last year i finally took another driving lesson. It wasn’t easy. Plus my current neighborhood is freaky. But I made it.

It was surreal at the first week I safely passed ‘freaky narrow road’ in my neighborhood. But I made it. Even a ‘little accident’ on the second month, didn’t stop me from driving again. I am good. I’m driving almost everyday now. Yeah I made it!

2# I didn’t know the price of hollow pipe iron

I was working as an architect. Yeah I designed something. I know how to draw details of masonry wall, iron fence, steel work, but i never went shopping for building material. We usually got sample of building material sent to our office with nice packaging.

Apparently material store is really different from bookstore I tell ya… No shiny floor, instead you probably found a lot of dust and pairs of men eyes look at you like you’re out of place.

Btw the price of Pipe Iron IDR @ 70.000,- (Length: 6 meters)

I can’t believe it’s that cheap. I mean if you bought iron fence on iron smith you have to pay at least 1 million IDR

(btw. I like this kinda post. I think I’ll write #ThisTimeLastYear theme more later 😉 )

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2 thoughts on “This Time Last Year

  1. Congratulations on being able to drive now ! Being able to drive will give you more independence to go wherever you want to go in lesser time than before.

    At least here in the US, being able to drive is a necessity. Ironically , even though the US is a great economic power, the country doesn’t have mass transport system. We cannot go to the supermarket without a vehicle. There are no buses that will take us to there.

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