Have you lived your dream today?

live your dream
Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/workisnotajob

My current fave ‘art work’ from workisnotajob  (I hope they don’t sue me for posting this pict here ^_^  But hey, inspiration supposed to shared right?)

So, the question is:

What’s your dream?

What did you do today to make it come true?

My answer:

(one of my dreams)  I want to publish (another) book!  I write everyday. Every single day!

What about you?  Care to share yours?


4 thoughts on “Have you lived your dream today?

  1. I’ve already finushed one short story ( a story about love and revenge ) , but I seriously don’t know what to do with it. It’s meant to be submitted to a Japanese publisher of mangas , but, I cannot include drawings . I can’t draw ! But I have the script all set. It’s frustrating. I still need to look for a good artist.


  2. C.B.Wentworth : Hey, it could happen. Just believe!

    Shita : Glad you join me on this journey, partner!

    Renxkyoko : Girl, i thought your dream being scientist and work in a lab… But hey if you love manga i have lots of artist friend *wink (see the sketch on the bottom of my site)

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