that one book in my book shelf


Have you found books in your bookshelf that wasn’t yours?

I am a good citizen, I always return books I borrowed  from friends or library. I was actually the one whose friend borrow books from. Then they almost always forgot to return them back until i couldn’t remember anymore who borrow what.

Currently there’s a couple books  that i read to learn the craft of writing college setting. (On my older post I once mentioned about my writing project) One of them is: Doctors from Erich Segal  – Indonesian translated edition.

This book has been in my book shelf  since five years ago.  My fellow worker  in an architecture company  asked me to read this book , since he knew I’m a kind of bookworm 🙂 . I never got the chance to return this book because he resigned when I had my leave and we never met outside the office.  And when I called him, he didn’t really care about the book and just let me keep it. Funny thing is this book wasn’t his book either. He got this from his girlfriend, who also not the owner of this book.

This book has a library stamp on it. Guess which library? My husband’s office library! Strange isn’t it?  Later I know – after a series of  investigations – I found out  that the mother of his girlfriend had been working in the same company as my husband (the first time  I got the book, we haven’t even married yet), my husband knew her (my friend girlfriend’s mother, but he never met her anymore)

I don’t know why i never just let my husband return this to book his office library… It’s just rest in my bookshelf all these years..  Do you think i should return it?  But I still need it right now. I once saw the new printed edition in a bookstore, it’s bigger and having prettier cover… (This one i guess was printed when I was in elementary school, the paper all yellow and the library label has been torn long before i even touch it …)

So, should I return it?

2 thoughts on “that one book in my book shelf

  1. Yeah, I think i will, that’s the right things to do :D, even though i can save some money if i just keep this one… Ups 😀

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