Song I heard on the radio yesterday

Yesterday while driving i heard this catchy song from the radio. Apparently this song has been released since 2009. I just realize I’m not very updated about Indonesian music (Yes i’m Indonesian, and I live in Indonesia, just forgive me okay?)

It’s has very simple generic lyrics, yet I like it. Here I give you the link ..( in case my foreign blog buddy want to know about Indonesian’s pop music).

Arstist: D’masiv, Title: Jangan Menyerah (Don’t give up!)

Here’s the translated lyric:

No ones born perfect,

No need to regret for everything had happened

We’re all had been through hard times

when it felt life had no meaning

Be grateful for what we have

Cause life is a gift

Stay living this life

Do all the best

God will show all his mercy

To them, who never give up


5 thoughts on “Song I heard on the radio yesterday

  1. What a beautiful song… thanks for sharing! I would never have come across this had it not been for your post. 🙂

  2. Hi, thank you for stopping by 🙂 .. It is indeed a beautiful song, although the video kind of depressing. And i don’t know why at some point this remind me of Chris Colfer’s version of Blackbird

  3. Utami: Wah, ada yang versi Idola cilik kah *siap2 youtubing 😀

    Renxkyoko: Glad you like it! Yeah he’s cute, not my type though 😀

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