13 random things

So’ I’ve been neglecting this blog for a month now. And I feel bad about it. Since I’m the one who put my self in this post a week challenge, and now I realize I have been skipped 4 posts. But I didn’t want to let this blog not updated any longer, so I’m just going to post random things.

Random picture i found on internet

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13 random things I could think right now.

  1. We’re still in July, So it’s still my birthday month 🙂
  2. Based on Hijriah calendar (lunar islamic calendar) my birthday is tomorrow 🙂
  3. Tomorrow is 1st Ramadhan 1432H. As most Moslem does I will start fasting month tomorrow.
  4. For 30 days we’re not allowed to eat or drink or have sex during the day. (We’re only allowed to do those things during the night: after sunset and ended before sunrise)
  5. These last few days Jakarta was very hot, I feel like living in the oven. I just hope I can survive the day without drinking water… it’s usually the hardest part from fasting on hot day.
  6. Fasting sometimes hard, but it probably my favorite Islamic ritual, because it’s about believing yourself. That you can survive suffering. Isn’t that walk through suffer makes us stronger?
  7. On fasting: We can actually eat when nobody sees us, and tell people a lie that we’re on fasting. But fasting is never for other people, fasting is for only our selves. So, Happy Fasting to me! 🙂
  8. About the book I’m writing: I thought I was finish, but then I found many things still needs to be fixed, so I’m still working on it… And I’m very exciting about it. I’m expecting to finish it before fasting month ended.
  9. But I’m worrying about my writing schedule, and the ritual: never ending tea while writing/Or coffee
  10. I hope I can survive writing and thinking without drinking caffeine.
  11. Damn no Glee 3D Movie scheduled on Indonesian Theatres? Yes, I am Gleek
  12. Actually it’s almost a year since Indonesian’s theaters lack of foreign film. It’s because the importer didn’t pay taxes for years so Indonesian authorities banned all import movies … Why oh why…
  13. The funny thing is, Harry Potter 7.2 is on right now. I don’t know how this one can passed the banned regulation. I guess there is always an exception on everything…

That’s all for now, I hope I could write things more worth sharing later…


5 thoughts on “13 random things

  1. Hi, I found your blog on Postaweek. Lovely. I lived in Indonesia in 2007-08.

    Funny that this morning I listened to the radio about Christians fasting to help the protect programs for the poor in the US and now again I’m reminded that Ramadhan will begin and my Muslim friends will soon begin their fast. I hope this month enriches you spiritually and brings you closer to God.

  2. 1. Happy Birthday!

    8. I know that feeling. You think you’re done, but then you look at it one more time… Good luck with finishing it this month.

    13. Maybe they figured HP was going to make so much money that it was worth paying the taxes or whatever.

  3. @ Smekelly8: Hi Susan Kelly. Thank you!!! You lived here in 2007-2008? It’s quite short time. Please forgive my fellow Indonesians if they didn’t treat you well ^_^ I would love to read your experience while living in Indonesia, did you post about it somewhere?

    @Anthony lee: Yes, i don’t know if it will be the last time… Just trying to work my best … usually the one who stop me to edit more is the publisher… It’s a good things though, cause I almost never able to satisfy myself…

    And about HP, i guess you’re right! Everyone, i really mean everyone watching Harry Potter now.

  4. Congratulations on the progress on your book! That’s wonderful! Although you should definitely not attempt to write for long stretches without caffeine… There must be some medical evidence to support that somewhere, right?

  5. Thank you! I’m very exciting about it. So far I can write for two hour before falling asleep in front of my computer… I can have my tea or coffee at night thus my life will begins at 9 pm 🙂

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