ways to stay creative

a cup of tea

So, I’ve seen this ‘ways to stay creative list’ in various form (video, print art) and number.

33 ways to stay creative

I don’t know who made it first but I found it everywhere. Yes, (almost) all of those things on the list were exactly what I also did every time I got stuck. But there is something that I always do and not included in that list, that is:

Change my tea flavor!

I always accompanied by unlimited cups of tea when I write.

My three most favorite tea flavors are:

  1. Jasmine Tea-Tong Tji (I think Jasmine tea is original Indonesian. There are many Indonesian brands but I particularly choose Tong Tji)
  2. Forest Fruit-Pickwick (I don’t know why they named it forest fruit, but I loved the blueberry flavor on it. People said fruit flavored tea is better serve with ice, but I never had cold drink when I write)
  3. Minty Morocco-Pickwick (My husband said it tasted like toothpaste. But I love the strange and strong flavor. It kinda kicked me when I got stuck  🙂 )

(Note: I almost never drink unflavored black tea, only unflavored green tea)

How bout you? Do you have any personal thing to add, on your ‘ways to stay creative’ list?


5 thoughts on “ways to stay creative

  1. That’s a good list, wherever it came from. (I especially like “Break the rules” 🙂 ).

    I almost never change my tea. Twinings Earl Grey, that’s for me, though in the mornings I’m also partial to Bigelow Vanilla Caramel.

    I do the opposite of “Listen to new music,” unless I want to hear new music. If I want to get anything done, it has to be old, familiar music. Then it goes into the background and I can concentrate on what I’m doing. If it’s uptempo enough, it helps me stay awake, too.

  2. @bardicblogger: more coffee? mh… they said we better not drink more than 4 cups a day. That’s why I chose tea… no need to count how many cups 😉

  3. @ anthony: break the rules is good, as long as not break the law 😀
    For music, i usually change it, only if I got stuck. The songs also change depends on the particular mood on the story i write. And i got help a lot from anime music/soundtrack i search all of those on Youtube.

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