Watching 3 Idiots

Two days ago I watched a movie titled 3 Idiots. This movie had been recommended by a friend of mine since a year ago, when it’s still played in theatre across Indonesia. But I didn’t have a chance to watch and slightly uninterested because the trailer just killin me: men singing and fool dancing together on a shower room? Really?

But since I’m writing about college life, and I want my procrastination filled with something college related. So I just gambled and watched this movie, with no expectation.

The opening almost made me stop watching for the rests : A men received a phone call before an airplane take off. And he made this airplane landed by fooling the stewardess and acting like he had a heart attack. Turned out this phone call was a fake emergency call by his old college friend. (By this point I had to remind my self that I didn’t have even a slightly expectation and forced my self to keep watching…)

And finally after like 20 minutes this song saved me.

I actually surprise this song didn’t sound like typical Bollywood song… And I simply liked it… Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance I wanna grow up once again…

I don’t want to give more spoilers and ruin your experience if you hadn’t watched this movie. All I can tell you this is a good movie. All the things you expect whenever you need something to loosen up your stress, was in there…

  • It’s a comedy… they make a fool… in order to make you laugh (If you love comic comedy off course. I’m more into sarcastic comedy btw…)
  • The picture was beautifully captured, and beautifully edited… really I am impressed at some point… some scenes it’s black and white… some scenes very candy color like a scene that pulled off from Alice in Wonderland or Charlie & Chocolate Factory movie…  There’s also some outdoor scene… I don’t know where they shoot, but that was beautiful place…
  • Good message about how we all see education. Actually it’s the whole point of the movie, about education…  (This is THE REASON I keep watching…)
  • Catchy song…. (When I’m writing this I’m thinking that based on the same reason I love watching Glee, aside for Kurt… I’m thinking if Ryan Murphy also watched Bollywood movies as inspiration for Glee. OMG! Okay I should stop right here… my imagination went crazy now… ^_^)
  • Well-written plot. (What else do you want from popular movies? When it has no plot no one gonna watched it.) They mixed up all scenes beautifully. When I tell you about men dancing fool, are you expecting other scene will be suicide scene? Baby delivers scene? And wedding scene?  All life aspect packed in one single movie…

I hate to finally admit, but I do like this movie… Well done!

And God that song still stuck in my head…

Give me some sunshine… give me some rain… give me another chance.. I wanna grow up once again…


Nb. I just google and found out that this movie based on a novel from an Indian author (Chetan Bhagat) who lived in Hongkong…. I now really want to read the book so bad.  But it’s not sold in Indonesia… Is there any Indian out there who kindly enough to send me one?…  ^_~


4 thoughts on “Watching 3 Idiots

  1. I love this movie too.
    First time I watched this, I didn’t expect (or even don’t know) about the moral story of education value.
    The only reason why I watch this movie is “idiot” word and I need a comedy to watch.

    But in the end, it’s a good movie. 😉

  2. I loved this movie1 Aamir Khan is a wonderful actor and the plot is amazing. The movie has a wonderful message also, for those stereotypical Indian families to encourage anything the child has an interest in. Beautiful movie. Glad you liked it!

  3. I didn’t really know about Indian Stereotypical family, but this movie just beautiful. Have you read the novel from Chetan Bhagat? I’m just curious how they adapt the stories in the book to the movie…

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