Enjoy Life, Enjoy Write

Copyright: LWA-Dann Tardif/Corbis

Yeay, I’ve been neglecting this blog for almost 3 weeks (again). The good news is nothings bad had happened.  ^_^

On one of my old post I said that I’m going to post my progress report about my on going writing project here. Apparently I changed my mind. Addressed the fact that my project written in Indonesian language, and most reader of this blog doesn’t speak Indonesia, so I made another private blog for my Indonesian friend.

Yeah I’m still writing in Indonesian language, although I’ve been bragging here about my dream on publishing English written book, having international career, sort of…  I do realize this is a ridiculous dream, but sometimes it’s amusing laughing about your self. But because I laught at it doesn’t mean I thought it’s impossible, laughing mean I just take it easy. Not too preoccupied by future but enjoying what I can do today.

Right now I’m enjoying what I’m writing so much. So forgive me for neglecting this blog too long.

Lastly, I leave you this picture here

what are you living for? (source: http://picsandquotes.com/post/6275472225 )

6 thoughts on “Enjoy Life, Enjoy Write

  1. “Not too preoccupied by future but enjoying what I can do today.” That’s a good approach. My current story is turning out to be more complex than I’d anticipated (the mystery is really three separate mysteries, with three separate solutions). I do as much as I can each week, and if it’s longer than I planned, that’s fine.

    If you do ever publish in English, I’ll definitely read it.

  2. @ Anthony thank you!!! … for the award and for your kindness to read my (future) book 🙂
    You seems have an interesting story there… 3 separate mysteries?… well I am trying to stick into my planned plot right now…

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