Careful where you stand


After a week Aik finally called to tell me he has arrived on Everest Basecamp in Nepal.  I’m glad he safe. There still couple weeks to spend there… No he won’t climb to reach the summit, he just there for news coverage.

I always worried when my husband leave, not because he always come to dangerous places, he visit a lot of  fancy places too. But when he’s leave i felt likes he also bring some positive energy with him… I mean a lot of  ‘unpleasant stuff’ happened when he’s not at home… If you’ve read my blog before you must remember a series of  my latest not-so-great post…

I know I shouldn’t think this  in a bad way…  I mean things went crazy because I usually get very tired taking care all the ‘household’ stuff by myself…  And I should stop blaming my self  for ordering  take-away/delivery bit often (right?…)

And i can consider this as a good ‘writing moment’ because nobody would sneaking to my screen and see what I was writing…  And i could freely let my eyes teary as i write sobbing  scene or laughing like crazy while staring to my laptop screen, something that would make him rolling his eyes or teasing me…

Yeah i can be positive thinking when he’s not arround… I guess that’s what make this first week went really fine…

Well I hope the rest of  my life goes great…

Current playlist:

1.  Careful where you stand (Coldplay)

The lyrics bit contrary with me right now but, it’s kinda suits my feeling… so mind you…

2. Vanilla Twilight

3. Pure Imagination

I don’t need soundtrack while i write, but this song kind of  guarding  my mind to keep into my imagination… I love what i wrote this week, and i want it to continue great… So this song still be on my playing list for the next couple days…

Some people climb faraway mountain to prove they ‘can’,  I climb my own called ‘the impossible’ through my imagination… How about you?

I hope you all living  a great life! ^_^


4 thoughts on “Careful where you stand

  1. Hang on to that optimism. Keep it in the back of your mind like it’s more than an idea; like it’s something tangible and solid.

    During my first year of marriage, my husband was away for months at a time and it drove me to drinking. I also got a puppy, though, which helped out a lot. Of course, that would mean more household chores for you.

    Isn’t Owl City great? There is a cute movie called Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole. Of course Owl City is featured on the soundtrack!

  2. Hi Alexis, Thanks… I tried to keep think that way.
    I haven’t seen the Legend of Guardians. Was it good? I’ll consider to put it on my to-watch list… I’m watching tons of movies too when my husband leave ^_^ ( It helpful to get some inspiration in the middle of the-so-called writers block )
    And yes I loove Owl City Songs

  3. I replied here already, but I guess it didn’t go through. Anyway, I ‘m sure you are coping without your husband beside you. You seem to be a strong woman. Ah, I didn’t even know your husband’s not with you right now.

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