after three weeks

Hello there… how have you guys been doing?

I haven’t updating this blog for more than three weeks. If you’ve read my previous post, things haven’t been very well for me recently. Small incidents continue happened after my latest post but I wont spread any horror for more… Nobody wants to read somebody else’s blog just to get terrified right? Although I know some people get inspiration for their upcoming story. (You know who you are… ^_^ )

Since I’m joining postaweek2011 challenge and haven’t updating my post in three weeks, so I decided to post three different topics three days in a row. This are the topic I have planned.

1#Writing. 2#Recipe. 3#Random-things-I-haven’t-decided-yet.

Ready! Get set! Go!

1#Writing habit

Writing is hard. Everyone agree I guess, except anyone who daydream to be a writer, and always find excuse for not doing it  “Oh’ I’m busy with this and that…  living a real life” Well, surprise, surprise… That’s just one of many obstacles every writer has to defeat everyday.

If someone told you writing is easy, pay more attention on what he or she mean by that. Maybe he mean on writing a love letter?  Have you heard that love has the same effect with drugs?  With all those painkiller effect, sanity-block effect, anything happen under love/drug is always easy… No, I’m not  encourage you to have drugs before writing – falling in love probably, but not drugs.  Although I know one famous writer should get drunk and fly first before she could write something – as for me I feel more convenient with healthier lifestyle…

Recently I read an article about how to make writing easier. One of the tips on that article is about ‘saving our writing moment in a daily basis’. Everything will be a lot easier if it’s already become our habit. Something hard won’t feel really hard anymore if we doing it everyday.

We encouraged for writing at the same time everyday. Some people can manage to write at night, in the morning or in the afternoon. Everyone is different, depends on how they live their life.

Writing one hour in the same time everyday is better, and make this job lot easier than writing one hour everyday at random time, that’s what I conclude from the article. Unfortunately, I haven’t applied the tips on my own. But I’m trying hard to. I’m still a kind of person who wrote at random time everyday.

I usually set my biological clock to wake up and straight to my laptop for writing at 5 am everyday. But sometimes if I stayed awake very late at night I won’t wake up early although my alarm clock rung on my ear.  In another time sometimes I can manage to wake up early, but my husband also wake up early to do his own book project. well it just screwed everything up because as a fiction writer I need an empty and less disturbed space to build my fictional world. And my husband is the kind of person who knew what I was doing but he would still asked, “You stared at blank wall and smiled. What’s on your mind?” @_@

So I’m still trying hard to save my 5 am in the morning for my best time for writing.

Right now i have some novel in store waiting for more editing. But at this very moment I’m focusing to edit the one called The Archie. I planned to record my process on working with The Archie on this blog later. I looked up to Erich Seagal work in this project, especially on his job with novel The Doctors, and The Class 58. Both are old written novel, and I just looove the Harvard setting on it.

God I was dreaming to be one of those Harvard student  🙂  Okay you may laugh. But it was really like one of my biggest dream. I’m not one of those scholar person anymore right now, but really if I get a chance like right now to be Harvard student, I would run into it. I would study about city development and history and art and culture…. Okay, okay, I should stop daydreaming … and start making the one most possible right now (by this I mean published-33-novel-before-i-die ^_^ Please don’t hate me, I’m a truly hardcore dreamer.. )


7 thoughts on “after three weeks

  1. I have no set schedule for writing. It sounds nice, but I’ve never managed to do it. Right now I’m on break at work, I just wrote a page while a scene was fresh in my mind, and now I’m writing this, and then maybe edit a little before I have to start work again. Last night I wrote a couple of pages on the subway.

    Early mornings can be good. I’ve worked every different shift there is, but now I’m 9-5 and sometimes I get up early and I find I can get a lot done, whereas sometimes in the evening I start to drag pretty early. But that’s not regular, just sometimes.

  2. I’m like you in that I need to be completely alone if I’m going to write – I’m very easily distracted!

    Thanks for the link btw!

  3. Glad to see you’re back! I’m sorry to hear things haven’t been all the great but perhaps things will turn around now. 🙂

  4. Anthony: Well, i guess everyone has different style on writing… ^_^ But I can’t imagine someone write in a public transport… maybe it’s because my mind set is too Indonesian. Really you cannot manage to write in public transport in Indonesia… except on airplane…

  5. @Sharon, we are all easily distracted on something more interesting, something more life while writing… You’re not alone!

  6. Public transportation may be very different here (I wouldn’t be surprised). It’s not usually where I write, but when I get an idea I want to get it down on paper as quickly as I can.

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