Five Favorite Things I Haven’t Done Over a Year

It’s just one of those bad days for me. Within a week a series of small incident happened.  Started with that sunday when I kicked the door frame, hypnotic crime issues… day after day passed, and today ‘car accident’ just completed everything. I hope there won’t be another bad thing happen soon.

You know people said, bad things or good things in our life attracted by our mind. Actually I didn’t feel I have bad mood lately. But sometimes during the day there a moment when I feel tired, and start loosing control on my self, dropped the plate, kicked door frame while passing it, left something burn in the stove, and this morning i just feel a bit exhausted  while driving.

We are all had our moments, when it happened, we just have to roll with it.

Since I’m little bit gloomy, right now… I just want to think something good.

So I’m just lurking into dailypost and their newest topic is: Make a top ten list of favorite things to do you haven’t done in over a year.

So here’s my list..

1. Singing/acting on a stage – in front of audience that bigger than 2 persons.

I haven’t done this for like eleven years. My voice is really out of shape right now ^_^)

2. Publish another book.

(My last book has been published February last year. I’m very slow when it comes to editing… You know, you can write while you drunk, but you must be sober to edit. Not like I’m drinking or something, I just want to tell you that writer have to be in their best condition while editing, shaping their craft. ( I sounds like making up excuses for my self now… ^_^ )

3. Move to another city

Moving is hectic. But I love experiencing new things while living in a new place…

4. Vacation on a white sand beach

Who doesn’t love beach?

5. Major hair do


(Apparently I could only think five by now.. I’ll update later…)


7 thoughts on “Five Favorite Things I Haven’t Done Over a Year

  1. Once you start to think about it, more will come to you. Me, I hate moving, so I guess my list would be different. (And I haven’t performed on a stage in… 26 years? More or less.)

  2. I am sorry to hear about all those incidents happening. Yes, think about positive things and focus on positive things which will help you feel better! And I’m due for some major hairdo as well! 🙂

  3. @anthony: I guess you’re right. I think i need to press a pause button for a while

    @smileanddreams: I’m trying too ^_^ Thanks for your kind words

  4. Ah, farah, we can’t be happy all the time. Just don’t let gloominess get you down. Make use of the down time to contemplate.

  5. Farah, I hope things are better. Post when you can.

    (I am going to use the hypnotic crime idea in a story, but somebody will use it for something good. Don’t tell anybody, though, I haven’t finished the story yet. 🙂 )

  6. Hi. I’m still working on that story. It will be a few more weeks, I think.

    The stories are listed here, if you’d like to try another one while you wait 🙂 :

    The last one listed, The Mystery of the Other Patient, leads right into the one I’m writing now. And The Golden Mystery features some of the same characters as this one.

    I’ll let you know when the new one is done.

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