If you could master any skill instantly, what would it be?

Book by Skibstad

Where’s the fun mastering any skill without trying hard for it?

Really. I mean the space between able and unable is somethings that make this world moving isn’t it?  The desire to be able to do or to be something. That’s what i believe…

But… well if could mastering any skill instantly… It would be ‘world languanges’. I mean all language. All countries, and animal (yeah like Dr. Doolittle and  King Sulaiman ?)

I love learning art, culture, peoples.  Mastering multi languange would be perfect. It’s a key to open many doors of knowledge.   :)

(Okay i should stop now, because i started imagining my self  having conversation with Plato, Confucius,  Dolphin and Crab.  And it’s kinda creepy)

*i took the Question form dailypost


8 thoughts on “If you could master any skill instantly, what would it be?

  1. I think world languages is an excellent choice. Plus, I suck at languages (studied both French and Italian in school and could never really speak either).

    I think this is why I made my detective character multilingual, because I think it would be a great thing to be. (A couple of times I’ve had her speak French, and I’ve sent the dialogue to a friend and he’s translated it for me.)

  2. I think language is the hardest things to be mastered. Since it’s about skill, something to practice. And to be able to practice it we need to be in the environment that using it. I my self can talk 3 local language: Indonesian, Banjaresse, a bit Javanesse (although sometimes my Javanesse friends would laugh for my funny dialect). English is my 4th language… that I rarely used.. writing this blog is one way for me to practice it… You’re lucky studied french and Italian at school. I wish my school have that subject too.. I looove languages, I would like to study French when i’m done with english ^_^

    Hey i just read your last post about writing prompt. You know when I didn’t used it, i realize my writing becomes random narratives. So sometimes writing prompts help me to get into focus. Good Luck with your mistery novel!! ( Have you read Perfume: The Story of murderer by Patrick Suskind? My favorite suspense novel)

  3. I like learning a new language as well. Although I speak 3 languages fluently (English and 2 other Indian languages – Hindi, and Telugu), I have never really studied any other languages until now. I’m trying to learn spanish this year 🙂 Part of my goals…!
    And I do agree with you, only if you go through the ‘process’ of learning a language, you actually learn it. I don’t think I want to wake up one day and be a master of another language – without actually experiencing the learning process.

  4. Renxkyoko: Jappanesse? Goodluck! You know they even have the so called ‘Japan English’ … And no one can’t sew in your family? I’m amazed LOL… You know in I learn to sew in middle school. Yes! Can you believe it’s a part of art & craft program? Sewing and embroidering…

  5. smilesanddreams: So true. I enjoy every process of learning new things. I do heard India has many languages too. Just like Indonesia. But you guys lucky having English as national language. We use Indonesian. And you know since i’m very used to read things written in Indonesian and English, my head would spin if i read somethings written in Banjaresse language (the spoken language in my hometown) ^_^ It’s not a good things off course…
    Goodluck with your spanish!

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