Oprah Winfrey said once, everybody wants to be heard. Who doesn’t?

The truth is we are all a story teller. Since we were infant, we smile to tell the world we’re happy, we cried to tell the world we’re hungry. We tell story though face, through hand, through body, through heat, through cold. Human is a story. Living is a story. (And we called passed life as history)

Many stories has written and made. Told as folklores, printed as books, filmed as movies, sang as songs, but have you ever wonder what has made one considered as greatest among many? (I.e. Most likely?)

One of the hottest TV show from states, had taken a storm all over the world is Glee. As the impact just in Indonesia, I can see now the musical show begins to bloom. (Diana, Laskar Pelangi, Onrop. I heard brilliant indonesian moviemaker Nia Dinata prepare another one. Compare to ten years back, the only popular musical movie I remember was Petualangan Sherina.)  

Many people probably has analyzed about Glee success and relating it to the fact that Glee has build a stage for the misfits, numerous people that usually consider as second probably third class of society. The character has become the voice of numerous people. From wheelchair bond person (who apparently doesn’t cast by a real disable person) to down syndrome (whose stared by a down syndrome actor, Lauren Potter), fearless overweight girl, Gay, Asian, Jewish, Afro, Latin, India (although Iqbal Theba the actor for Indian principal is from Pakistan), and by appearance of talented Charice and Darren Criss, Philipines has own their special spot. 

Glee is representation of multicultural people in America. (Although I think they missed moslem character[1])

They embrace our dream about idealistic world, how ‘the space between us‘ doesn’t seen as divider, but as glue to bond us together. (Like, we can’t read sentences without spaces between words). Add singing, and dancing, the most classic form of art on any culture all over the world.  It just made them more irresistible. No wonder Glee can take by storm all over the world. All over culture (Although cheerios bikini scene and all kissing scenes has been censored on Indonesia television.  So obviously Indonesian viewer will missed the Chris colfer & Darren Criss kissing Scene that become TT on Twitter last week)

As the story it self is a reflection of idealistic world imagines by the writer.

Burt Hummel character, who consider as the best dad character on television, written by Brad Falchuk, is an idealistic character of how he (Brad) want to be a father for his five years old son. And the big plot line about teen pregnancy on first season seems addressed the fact that Ryan Murphy’s (writer, producer) younger brother has made the first girl he made sex with pregnant.

They had written something that comes from personal life issues, and mixed it up with ‘happy ending’ world they imagined.

I read that the most selling stories in histories were stories about adventure of human being into places beyond imagination. (From Hercules to the heartrobe series Harry Potter, I couldn’t be more agree… )

We are all read a novel, heard music, and watched movies because we want to be happy, showering our soul with positive energy. It’s all simply brings me to this conclusion; “If we want to tell a story, take it from personal places (write what you know, is very true advice), and imagine the best happy ending possibilities. “

I do believe happiness could give a dream wings to fly.

And (one of) my dreams is to make people happy with my stories!

[1] But I remember they mention about moslem twice as part of the joke.

First when Rachel joined the Black Moslem Union. à Rachel is Jewish

Second when Cory thought Kurt want Moslem pray for his father, but his was wrong. That woman whom invited by Kurt is not Moslem but Sikh.


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