Whats the longest you’ve been without sleep?

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(I took the question from this site) I am so have-no-idea about what I’m going to blog, since I’m part of  post a week challenge, so I visited that site. It’s very helpful.

There’s a certain occasion where something force you to not sleep. As a mother, probably the first months having a newborn baby made us lost a lot of sleep time. But I never really awake more than 24 hours. I usually have at least one or two hours sleep a day at the first 6 months having newborn.

The longest time I didn’t slept probably back in college few years ago.  I used to stay awake for like 36 hours. And that was quite often, since I went to architecture school and we have a lot of home works, drawing and everything. Nothing beat those crazy college years. I’m kinda love being nocturnal creature back then. Drawing all night on my desk, playing unpopular music like Sujiwo Tedjo in Javanese language, which I didn’t understand a single line he sang.

(I used to lived in Jogjakarta for 5 years and understand Java language very little) But his music was magical, and listen to those in the middle of the night sometimes felt creepy, but I never really thought about it. Since we had many deadline to catch up.

My favorite long-day-without-sleep was when my team and I working together for design competition. We worked in the studio on our campus, having discussion, working on layout, printing, eating pizza, etc. It wasn’t too much different with my work experience in a real studio, after i finished college. Only in college you worked with your friends, unpaid and still having fun. But in real studio if you’re not worked, you’ll get fired. ^_^

After those architecture time, I have never awake more than 24 hours without sleep. The longest time only 23 hours, it’s a couple months ago when I write a novel for competitions and didn’t won ^_^ (It basically a draft)  And actually I haven’t opened those manuscripts again since then. I need to edit that, and the other one, and the other one… (For me editing is the hardest thing to do. That’s why I keep my self busy by writing another one and another one…as an excuse for not doing that job.. _It’s not a good thing though_ You know Stephen King is right when he said it in his book “On writing – memoir of the craft” : to write is human, to edit is divine… )

Oh, I’m just very human lately… I wish i could be nocturnal creature again soon and find my divine moments to work.



10 thoughts on “Whats the longest you’ve been without sleep?

  1. I think I went around 30 hours without sleep once, but I was a lot younger then. My roommates and I were moving out of an apartment we had shared, so things had to go to three different places and we were paying for the van by the hour, so we just kept going. “Moving without stopping” we called it.

    When I was a musician I had a lot of nights with very little sleep (0.5 to 2 hours). Load out the equipment after the gig, drive it back to the studio, lock it up, go home, sleep for an hour and then go to the day job. My ex-wife (my drummer at the time) and I used to try to figure out how little sleep was worth getting. An hour? Definitely. Twenty minutes? You were better off staying up.

  2. Anthony: that’s is so cool, what happened to the band? OMG i just remember, I once had been in a band too. Once we perform for a competition, and went home at 4 am, I was still young at that time probably 13 or 14.

  3. Renxkyoko : What did you do when you can’t sleep at night?

    Actually i’m kinda like it when i stay awake alone in the middle of the night. It’s just magical moment, perfect for writing..

  4. Renxkyoko, you must be one of those straight A’s student! Welldone! Bright future awaits you girl!
    Just remember health is something money can’t buy!

  5. From elementary to high school, yes, I was …. but not anymore, alas. I’ve been struggling in college. A ifferent ballgame, indeed. But I manage.

  6. Renxkyoko: Girl, I am so proud of you! I know youre gonna be brilliant scientist one day and give a talk on TED talk event about your research ( I love watching TED talk btw ^_^ )

  7. Farah, the band broke up a long time ago. As Fleetwood Mac also learned, there are drawbacks to having a band made up of married couples. Advantages, too, of course, but I don’t recommend it. (Hey, at 14 going home at 4am and then recovering for the morning is easier than it is later on, I can tell you. 🙂 )

  8. Oh, thank you ! But i highly doubt that. Some of the courses I’m taking are difficult. But I try to do my very best…. but not brilliant, I’m afraid .

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