Bullying and Me

I’ve promised my self to blog once in a week (for whatever reason) and now it seems an eon ago since the last time I posted something… So I just read an article about bullying somewhere. And I thought “okay, bullying, I’m gonna write about it.”

As much as I read, bullying seems always relate to teenagers life. Though we all know insulting, judging and every intimidating manner that speak rudeness to other people not exclusively mastered by teens… But off course we are all realize whatever people do on their young age will affect and carried along to the rest of their lives.

Bullying  and  Me (Confession of an x-bully)

Yes, I was once a bully. When I was in elementary school probably in grade 3. At that time my school doesn’t have moving class system like many school today. Our classroom was fixed. So everyday, for the whole year we sat on the same chair.

And I have a classmate. A fat girl sat right in front of me.

For no specific reason, I pinch her arm every single day.

At that time it’s was entertaining seeing her mad at me. (God, I was little evil…Darli, if you read this, please please please forgive me?)

Actually at that time I was got bullied too by other classmates. There were some students who had a hobby to punched people. And I got punched almost everyday.

My classmates were bit crazy. Fighting was like our ‘special education’. When I told my teacher someone invite me on fighting, she just said, “Do it on the yard, not inside classroom…”

Fight back

At my secondary school my schoolmates not anymore from low-class family who fight like daily breakfast.

My Junior high school was one of the best public junior high in my hometown. Most of my schoolmate was good people they didn’t like fighting with bare hand, they fighting by carrying branded stuff.

As a girl from low-class family it was once intimidating. My bare look looked like a shy girl and my existent apparently invited one girl to bully me.

I was in grade 7. There was a girl spite insulting word every time she saw me. At that time I thought, “What’s your problem you didn’t even know me and you say bad things about me?”… But I just kept that on my mind, I never say any word to her.  I kept my mouth closed even when she pulled me over with no reason,  I was just passed her by.

Until one random day, she pulled me inside my classroom. (We have fixed classroom.  Same class room for the whole year). At that day I was so mad. I grab her clothes and pulled  her back. She was fell down between two desks and two chairs.  And one of the chair fell over her.

My classmates cheered at us. No blood off course. It was a girl fight. Only small bruises.

Finally she stood up and got out from my class. After that fight she never ever pull me or say stupid word again to me.

Secondary school year was my last time got involved on bully issue. My senior high school mate was a bunch of geeks, for real. That made me one of the fancies girls at school since I didn’t studying a lot like them ^_^ … (I guess that’s why now they ended having busy life as doctors and lectures while I’m wandering around between groceries stores, and kindergarten, and writing this blog ^_^ and do some random stuff like this)


2 thoughts on “Bullying and Me

  1. This is interesting. Most of the people who write about bullying are the victims, not the bullies. It’s interesting to see the other side. Did you see the movie Let the Right One In? There’s a lot in there about bullying, and fighting back. (And vampires.)

    I have a character in my stories who is a twelve-year-old girl and she gets into a lot of fights. I’ll have to remember to emphasize that she’s not a bully. She doesn’t pick on people who are weaker or smaller — mostly the opposite.

    I got punched a lot growing up. Not badly, just guys establishing who was boss.

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