Living Our Choice

I just heard the news about a friend’s divorce. At the first I really thought it was some kind of april mop stuff, until I realize it’s not even April. It’s February.

Divorce it’s not something that I rarely heard. Some people in my family and friends circle have been through it. But something I rarely heard is ‘bad news’ from this friend.

First time I met her couple years ago. We attended one Creative Writing Class together. This class was where we both learning how to write and start pursuing our writing career.  From about twenty classmates I had,  she’s the only person I ever heard published something.

On the last 5 years she had published 17 books, where I have only published 3 books. (Can’t you believe we start at the same class??? Same teacher??? Where the hell am I lost these years?) anyway…

I envy her productivity. Not to mention she also has some notable online business relate to book. Ah, I envy her in many ways. All the news from her is always good news, until I heard about her divorce after two years marriage.

But then I nodded,  why did I consider this as a bad news?  I mean I’m just an outsider. What did I know about others people’s life?

Life whatsoever is about choice you made and how you live your choice, wherever it takes you to. Or as Neil Gaiman said in his poem (…life..). It’s pain. It’s pleasure (he encourage us to) leave no path untaken

So I guess, I envy her courage to take her decision, and live her choice.


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