Unconscious State of Mind

If you ever read my older post you know that i love music (who didn’t anyway). And one thing that silently haunted me is this one ‘small dream’ to be able play any musical instrument.

I never had any music lesson and we have no piano at home. The only music instrument we had at home right now is Djembe.

I played it sometimes. But you can’t play melody with Jembe. I want to play a song  and sing with.  So I planned to self teach my self to play guitar, but I haven’t bought any.

About a month ago my hubby downloaded this piano application on his Ipad, which has distracted me from my ‘buy-a-guitar-and-play-a-song-plan’. Instead everyday I’m busy exploring the ability of this interesting piano application. I play few song I remember, and sometimes I just played some random melody… (If I found a melody that hadn’t played before maybe I can be a music writer? )

And yes I explore melodies every day. Sometimes in the middle of the night, while everyone sleeping, I sit alone on the coach play unnamed songs. I enjoyed it like having a great conversation with old friends. (Am i sounds creepy?…)

From my exploration, I found one lovely melody that I loved to play, and I played it everyday.

My hubby sometimes asked me, “What’s that song do you play?”. “How do you learn to play it?” Since he knows I never had any music lesson.

I answered “I don’t know. I just feel it, and play.” Because I really don’t know.

Until ten minutes ago. When this link brought me to this youtube video,  and I found that random melody I play everyday is part of somebody’s song: Adele’s song – Someone Like You

I never heard that song before, nor heard who Adele is. (I just did some research, so she’s grammy winner. frankly i live in Indonesia and not really pay attention to American’s grammy award)

Never heard that song. Not with my conscious mind.

I don’t know how to name this feeling in English ( I’m still learning). It’s weird. And it’s not deja vu for sure.

I’m wondering, if I ever heard that song on my unconscious state.

Probably I’m a sleepwalker. Youtubing Adele’s song on my sleepwalker state. I can’t find more logical explanation than that.

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6 thoughts on “Unconscious State of Mind

  1. Hello there. 🙂

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

    I made the image myself, that is why there is a book list on my sidebar. You can also do it yourself. Do you have a book list?

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