Motivational Line

I just started taking driving class last week.

As I was trying to concentrate on the road and make sure I drove on a steady speed the instructor said, ‘courage is more important than skill. If you brave (to drive) you can!

Since I’m a kind of motivational stuff  junkies, I was amazed.  This driving instructor just spoke like motivational speaker.

His line even has a motivational-pattern (as if there is any such things) like my favorite James Cameron line, “Don’t put limitation on your self. Other do that for you. Don’t do that to yourself!”

Or that famous Walt Disney line “If you can dream it, you can do it!”

And that ‘courage line’ didn’t come from that famous person you see every week on television, (Oh I like how Kurt so inspired by Blaine’s courage’. So sorry for my gleek) or the person whose books filled your bookshelf, or that person which her TEDtalk you keep on your pod cast.

He’s just a driving instructor.

I’m thinking how many times we underestimate people by their look, their status, the uninterested packaging?


They may have master within.

( Another line that inspire me to take this driving class,  from random-foreigner, it said “If you can drive in a wacky traffic and sick-driving-style here, you can drive anywhere in the world!” I like this! I’m very willing to drive around the world ^_^ )

#Currently Sing: You can make it here. You can make it anywhere, that’s what they said…(Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys)


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