Walk through mistakes

A friend of mine said, “Please don’t write in English, I don’t understand what you talking about!” as a reaction to my habit on writing in English on blog and social network lately.

Well forgive me my friend. Sometimes I just wrote unintentionally in English. But I do mind that I want to improve my English, and there’s nothing better to do that than practice right?

But I try to write bilingual English and Indonesian and post it on separated blog. (Yeah kayak punya waktu aja! ^_^) And this blog will be fill up with English written post.

I don’t know what had hit me, but I also try to post once a week and join postaweek2011 challenge by WordPress. Which I just read few days ago. ^_^

So, I can say this post (and the coming up post will be) a marriage of personal challenge and WordPress challenge.

Btw, why do I want to improve my English?

Here’s the lies : because I want to immigrate to States, write some hit novel in English, you know something like Twilight vampire romance kind of things, hangout with Stephanie Meyer in New York. (Is she live in New York?) Watching Broadway show. Start my Indonesian Food Restaurant, If I’m lucky enough probably Obama will stop by to have some Sate Ayam and Bakso. Okay I please you to laugh… roll your eyes… whatever..

And here’s the truth: I don’t know if I really mind the line before as a lie or not. (Anyway who doesn’t have ridiculous dream? … You don’t?… Jeez what stopped you?… Dream won’t hurt…. Reality do….) But I do know I want to improve my English.

Confused? Just don’t mind ^_^

Speaking of writing in English.

As far as I remember the very first time I had English class was in Grade 7-middle school. (Right now Indonesian public School had already been include English subject on elementary school, which is great. Younger is better) But I remember I started practice my English while I was on grade 5.

Thanks to Hollywood movie Home Alone, who introduced me to my childhood crush Macaulay Culkin.

Cover of "Home Alone"
Cover of Home Alone

I wrote him a letter in I-don’t-know-where-I-learn English language. (Well from dictionary actually) I remember I translate every word I meant to him.  And I wrote two pieces of letter in two days.

Off course I got no reply. But I know I looove writing letter since then. Which has moved me to the next level: exchange letter to some pen pals -writing my life on some pieces of paper, send it to people I never met and got reply-  (I have no diary. I was an-exchange-letter-person than a dear-diary-person)

And it’s a long way before I started to think about writing fiction.

So I can say, my writing lesson was built by writing-letter-to-my-hollywood-crush.  Ridiculous?  Yes!  But writing (whatever it is, and where ever it started) was and still a good habit thought.  I won’t ever publish my first novel without passing trough writing-letter-to-my-hollywood-crush moments.

So writing in English just a repeat habit.

I know my English are still bad- but I take the challenge to walk through mistakes.

Speaking of challenges. I also just started taking driving lesson. It’s a BIG thing for me because I was AFRAID driving.

And the fact that…

1. Every mall in Jakarta has Ladies Parking Area,

which was came to my mind as woman-is-a-bad-driver.


2. I’m currently living in a wacky neighborhood with narrow streets, mixed up residencies and all those problems when you reside on unplanned sprout of Jakarta urban-fringe area. 

…… Just make it worst.

Long story short, this first month of  year 2011, I make a pledge to my self : fight against (some of) my fears. Come through mistakes.

I don’t know what it brings me. But PLEASE wish me luck!

(Ps. Reader, don’t mind to tell me if I make grammatical or whatever mistakes. Tons of thanks to you!!!)


6 thoughts on “Walk through mistakes

  1. It is never a mistake to try something new. To learn a new language, experience a new place. So what you English is not perfect …yet. You express yourself well. Many native born English speakers have extremely poor communication skills. Listen to your dreams. Invite your friend to learn another language with you by reading your English blog. 🙂

  2. Farahh, there is a quote I really like…something about how courage isn’t the absence of fear but the ability to move forward anyway DESPITE the fear. Your courage inspires me to do more. Thank you for your post. Keep writing!

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