Awesome Pre 30

I’ll be thirty years old in six months and I don’t feel I have accomplished something that really makes me happy and proud.  That’s not a good thought off course. In my gloomy pre-30 feeling, yesterday I watch this Ted talk video.  It’s a life story about a blogger who wrote about 1000 awesome things.  He started his blog right after he faced some hard time on his life: unsuccessful marriage and his best friend’s suicide. Something that stuck with me is when he said we have not more than hundred years to live. So true! Are we really wants to spend our limited time in this life just to count what we missed, and make our self feel more miserable? I don’t think anyone really want it, yet they do. (I did too… And I just did that by writing my first line of this post…) There are enormous awesome thing in life to think and be thankful for. As simple as … Smell of the dirt after the rain. Morning dew that touched our skin as we open the window in the early day. Our long lost money we accidentally found on an old bag. etc Off course that-awesome-thing sometimes very different from one and another. Like -if I had my own awesome list- I would put # The scene of Jati forest shed their leaves It probably won’t be special for people who spend his life around Jati forest. But it doesn’t mater,  as long as we honest to our self. To be exciting on something like 3 years old toddler at his first time seeing airplane sometimes embarrassing. Do you have courage to admit that you love pink color although your best friend thought it’s the most ‘enggak banget’ color in the world? Or Do you brave enough to get ‘norak banget sih lo!’ comments because of the outfit you choose? Other people expectation sometimes dislocate us from our own desire. Judgments and common sense blocked our sight and our feeling from so many our personal-awesome-things.  We set aside our excitement to fulfill others people expectation (yet sometimes we made it mostly we didn’t) And we only have 100 years to live. Choice is on our hand. Courage is the best gift we possibly give to our self. And  I believe, the courage to be true to our self  could turn us to be an awesome person, aware to many good things in life. So am I really had no personal-awesome things to recall on my almost 30 years life? (If I answered yes, I really do need to get rid those mind-blocking-life-awesomeness I had. And I better start it soon. ^_^) So, to add my-awesome-list (I have write 4, up there if you hadn’t notice) 5# My first fly It was 1997 when i ride an airplane to Jakarta. I was born and lived on an old house at one small dead end alley in the centre of Banjarmasin city.

Proas on a sideriver of the Martapura-river at...
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from here to     there (I did born on the same old house where I spend my first 17  years of my life, with the help from old skinny traditional midwife that walked by the house  right when my mom suddenly felt she want to deliver  me) So 1997 was the very first time of my life, flew out from Borneo Island. Night ride of  Sempati Air (The aircraft company has been bankrupt by now) I recall, I felt so thrilled knowing that we can even eat delicious food on the airplane, served on porcelain dishes. And i hadn’t even finished enjoying that awesomeness when the window by my side showed me sparkling Jakarta land. Thousand light bulb of Jakarta night looked like starry sky, or starry land? It was awesome! (Well I still found it awesome when I landed in Jakarta at night.) And to top my first fly experience we stayed at the tallest building I ever steped my feet on (at that moment); level 9.  (I think the tallest building in Banjarmasin at that moment was 4s level and the highest level I ever step in was level 2 ^_^ ) Awesome!!! To be continue…


6 thoughts on “Awesome Pre 30

  1. Okay, I had typed up something I wanted to say, and my computer got shut down suddenly and I lost it! Anyway here were my thoughts – I had such feelings when I turned 29 also, trying to see where I am, did I achieve my goals, what happened to those milestones I set etc…and still think I’ll be 30 in nearly 10 months now, what are goals next? I think we as humans are used to thinking that way – lists, goals etc drive us.

    I appreciate your post asking us to slow down and think about the beautiful things in life, such as the smell of the dirt just after the first rain etc! Nice post 🙂

    Btw, I have decided to tag you you in one of my posts, see link here in a reading game, to find out what you are reading.

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