Good Omen for a year ahead?

If good things happen in first day of new year, you can say it’s a good omen for a years ahead right?

Well I got Laskar Pelangi (rainbow Troops) Musical tix at 1 january. Since it’s the only wish I had at the last week of year 2010. And I heard the rumour that the tix was sold out, so I can say it’s a good omen. ^_^

We got ticket for matinee show on January 2nd 2011.

But turns out, January 2nd wasn’t really good.

1. Aik hit a motorcycle (or motorcycle hit our car?) 20 minutes after we leave home that morning. According to us it was not our fault. The motor rider suddenly crossed the street while ‘pak ogah’[1] near the street cross let us to go. Nothing serious had happened, just another BIG scratch on our car.

2. GPS power dropped frequently. Aik promise his brother to drive him to Camera Store at Roxy before we go to TIM (LP musical show venue) at Cikini. Since none of us really know Jakarta’s street very well (except South Jakarta), so we need GPS. Thanks God after GPS power drops like thousands times, we finally found the camera store.

3. Our GPS finally went off! Yes, it suddenly lost satellite signal, and then the program went error, just after we leave Aik’s brother at Roxy.

We lost on the middle of nowhere (well, Jakarta). No Map, just our instincts to guide.

Thanks God it’s still holiday. And no traffic like Jakarta used to be.

Hundreds wrong turn, we finally found sign to Monas (National Monument) on central Jakarta. After Monas, we decided to seek Menteng[2] district, as we knew it’s near Cikini. And after several question to bajaj driver, we knew that we must find Tugu Tani before meets Cikini.

Finally I saw Mario’s place restaurant on the corner of Cikini streets. And I started to grin all the way to TIM.

Actually Aik should known this area very well, since he attended many political press conference (he is journalist fyi) at restaurant right in front of TIM.  But, you know this is what happened if you always let GPS guide your way; it’s dead, you lost.

Well at least we arrived at TIM before the show started. It was 1.30 PM and raining.

We enter the theatre building just after we arrived.  And guess what, the show started at 2.30. So what did we do sitting an hour inside the theater?

Well, Kiela and Aik play computer game on Ipad, while I watched people fighting for the seat.

I bought class 2 tix. It’s cost 250 IDR each, and has no seat number.

After exhausted for loosing our way, and I should hear people yell about the seats? Hell yeah, I ENJOY it like an opening show

“Who the hell that person taking my seat? You know I came late because I asked you to save seats for us!” Yelled this woman to her younger brother. She came with his husband and her 15 years old son.

Finally the couple with a kid (about 7 yrs old) who sit nextto  her brother stand up and let this angry woman took their seat. Turns out the committeeman gave the-couple-with-kid, three VVIP seat  (front row on our floor).

Well, you loose some you get some right?

Fyi VVIP seat cost 750 IDR.

After few fight-for-seats-drama, Thanks God the real drama –reasons-we-were-there finally started.

LP musical was a good show (Not great just good. I’ll write the review later)

But I was very hungry in the middle of the show, and thought ‘God when will the show end?’

Well the show finally end at 5 PM and I was so glad we finally drove home.

January 2nd just another crazy day! But I still believe the Good Omens ^_^

[1] I don’t know why Jakarta street has so many people like this, stop the car as they like, act like police and expect money from the car driver. (Probably because sometimes they kind of useful on daily Jakarta Traffic… there… I just answer my own question… )

[2] Menteng districts, is where Obama spend his 3 years childhood in Jakarta, Indonesia.


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