My Random Favorite 2010

1. Recipe: Baked pasta

To be honest, cooking is not my favorite things to do. I cooked because I have to. And sometimes I cooked for relaxing my mind from other things. (Yes I did!)

From all recipes I have cooked, this baking pasta is something anti failed ^_^

I modify few things like choriza (pork sausage) with my favorite sausage; cheese frankfurter, or anything available on my refrigerator.

And for the pasta, instead of spaghetti, I usually used penne, or elbow macaroni


2. Vegetable : Red spinach

You know that more color on the vegetable you eat, more health benefit you get!
Well i love when rice on my plate turned pink because of this red spinach!

3. Show: Musical

Yes I like Glee, I’ve seen musical show Diana, I planned to see LP musical, and dream to see Broadway show 😀 (bhaha.. Human my friend, never get enough!)

4. Author : Neil Gaiman

With his latest novel, The Graveyard book (winner newberry award 2009) Gaiman has break the untold lines that separated award winning book, and bestseller book. People always seen book in two ways, as Gaiman said: the book you enjoy or the book that is good for you.

For me this book has wins me those two things. (my review here)

5. Kiela’s stuff: Video Recording

Kiela still love playing with lasy, watercolor painting, drawing on the floor, helping mommy cooking, and other things.

But those things always end with messy house.

And the only things he can do himself without broken down the house was recorded himself using web camera on my mac book.

Usually he just smile on the video and said short line like “Hey guys this is me akiela” Yes he speak in English!

( I know what you think! Yes, yes, sometimes he just too much youtubing… ☺ His favorite youtube videos are : Lego assembly, how to cook and frosting cake, how to draw an airplane, and hotwheel commercial)

This year Kiela has made about 600 videos himself. I planned to make youtube channel for him, but I still have no time to do it… failed!

6. Actor: Chris colfer

He is the only person who can make me enjoy the most absurd to the touching scene on Glee. You know I hate slapstic comedy but he always killed the scene, doesn’t matter how ridiculous the story was. I don’t know how he did it. But this young actor has earned best actor nomination from Emmy, Golden Globe, and SAG this year.

My favorite performance of him
a. Single ladies dance, Football scene (episode 4)
b. Roses turn on Laryngitis episode
c. I wanna hold your hand on Grilled Cheesus episode

and i love most of the songs he sang,  defying grafity, 4 minutes too Le hot jazz

chris colfer as Kurt, perform Roses Turn

7. Book: The Graveyard

This is the only children book that makes me cry at the end.
The most favorite line

Face your life, it’s pain, it’s pleasure, leave no path untaken.

8. Song : Empire State of Mind ☺ Alicia keys version.

Reasons? Can I just love it!?

9. Random : Van Gogh Repro

I don’t really care what van gogh things I have. I just see van gogh name on it! (Okay Aik bought poster, and messenger bag with van gogh painting repro on it ☺ )

I know van gogh has killed him self. And you shouldn’t took any advice from insane person. But there is one line of him that I always remember, and make me stand through hard stuff

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things together”

Whenever I feel sad, small, unimportant, and any other destructive feelings, that line help me to stand and keep focus on everything I’ve done.

So what’s your favorite?


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