what a fiction writer live for?

Today I watched last episode of Glee (TV series) and Juno (movie) And the funny thing is these two films has baby birth scene… (Another similarities I found : Teen pregnancy & The songs were good. My favorite among all is ‘Over the Rainbow’ by Glee cast)

Well, the stories were great. I suggest anyone who love drama related to teens or family to watch this. But I’m not going to make any review about the film here.

I just suddenly remember the ‘teen pregnancy drama’ on my real life.

Some high school friends of mine (4 girls) who has the same issue were ended in two option:

1. Abortion

2. Kept the baby and drop the school

Those two options seem to be the most option that ‘people in my life’ choose.

And I’m really happy watching the film that I mention above, because they offered us other option.

Keep the baby. Keep the school. Let the coming baby into adoption.

(Because there are people who really wants baby so badly, but they can’t have it)

One year ago I spent holiday in this little village on Central Java, the place where my in law family lives. While I was there, there was neighbour, a girl who just graduated from elementary school impregnated by a high school boy. And the old people around this teen boy and child girl decided to marry them.

I heard this like… A child girl and a teen boy forced to enter a marriage life?

I say no word when people around me talk about it.

I was (and still am) so MAD.

How can people let a child girl marry with the boy who raped her?

In my opinion: This boy should go to jail. And this girl should have her life out of that boy.

But then who am I judging this people. *Sigh*

And I’m thinking how many people around us, who started their life in the similar circumstances. Forced to accept something that wound them, then become forever victim.

In real life, people make limitation, for their own life. For others people life. And the children, and teenagers, even adults become the victim of that limitation that sometimes no need to exist.

Here the fiction writer lives for I guess. To show other option that real life never offered.

(It’s good if someone, some readers, become more hopeful to help themselves because of that.

But if it’s not, at least we do our job.

Waiiit… Have I done something like that? If I wasn’t, I promise my self, I will…)


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