I’m a writer… and i like how elizabeth gilbert describe about how creative people (including writer ) works…

I’ve read something similar from Stephen King book “On writing”.. he said that “the story” is somewhere there… we (the writer) don’t create them, it’s just there… what we do when we writing is like… digging on the ground trying to find the dinosaur fossil.. (or something like that)

Another things from this Elizabeth Gilbert speech on TED  …. that  she talks almost 20 minutes without using any presentation slide… i just can say  “wow”…  that is something i really want to be able to do…



One thought on “Inspiration

  1. hai farah ni yani yg kemarn minta tlg jd informanQ..
    aq masih butuh beberapa pertanyaan lg nih..

    dan aq juga minta tlg kalo ada temen atau kenalan kamu yg juga udah baca buku ini.. soalnya aq jg masih butuh beberapa informan lag…
    mkasih baget ya…

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