what i wanna do now?  yelling! yes!

after yesterday i posted link in my other blog and said that freeonlinedictionary is my choice, for the best online dictionary so far… now i think there would be huge effort for other competitor to change my mind about it.. No. it’s not because it has thesaurus. No. it’s not because it has an icon to turn on the voice so we know how the word pronounciation.. it’s because the horoscope windows, that i read in a very perfect time.. ( i never read horoscope, nor believe it since my teenage year.. but it’s funny cause it light my fire now..)

the freeonlinedictionary web has many window that can personalized by our needs.. and there is one horoscope window which said very good things that i need today… here is the picture..


my horoscope 29 november
my horoscope 29 november


Just before universe send me that note, i feel my mind broke into pieces… there is so many things i need to do… all those things need the best effort. I hate working something when my heart and mind not in to it…

and those note just like a bottle of fresh water in the dessert…

so come on genius! Let rockin!


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